We have seen plenty of third-person shooting games developed for mobile phones, but nothing matches up to The Respawnables. Although those who have played Battlefield Heroes and Team Fortress 2, may find a lot of similarity looking at the cartoon-like characters, but this game is very different at many levels, especially the ease with which it lets you get into the gaming mode. The game loads quickly, and adds a fun element to what could have otherwise been gory shooting.

The game can be played both offline as well as online, in single-player as well as multi-player modes. In the multiplayer you could go for the “free for all” games, or join team matcnes. What we really liked about the game is the simplicity of it. Your progress in the game is also very quick, as you pass through the levels, and just to make it spicy, the makers throw a few goodies for the newbies like time bombs, etc, here and there. So, whether you are on Android or iOS, The Respawnables is definitely a must-try.

Fresh Off the shelf

Ferrari earphones
Inspired from the Ferrari’s GT car, the T-150 earphones are made of lightweight aluminum and is leather-bound to ensure maximum comfort and durability. The earphones are fitted with a 10 mm driver, and comes with one-button remote control with microphone. They support a majority of smartphones.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Developed by Reliance Big Entertainment, this is an addition to the game developer’s previous game Real Steel, inspired from the film by the same name. So, if you wish to take Atom to another win at the World Robot Boxing, download this game right now. Users can chose from 24 machines.

Xolo launches new Play tab
Xolo recently unveiled a new tab featuring the same Nvidia Tegra 3 processor used in the Xolo Play T1000 smartphone. The specs are the same except that it has got a bigger screen 1280x800 WXGA IPS LCD display, and a built-in memory of 8GB.