Rodgers tells fans to lay off Sterling

Liverpool: Brendan Rodgers has urged Liverpool supporters not to abuse Raheem Sterling at Stoke on Sunday as the Reds boss slammed the player’s agent for a tumultuous week of speculation about his future.

Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling

Sterling has come under fire over the past seven days after his agent Aidy Ward claimed the unsettled England international would not sign a new contract at Anfield irrespective of the amount of money Liverpool offer him. The 20-year-old was booed at Liverpool’s Player of the Year awards dinner, and there are concerns he will receive another hostile reception from Reds fans in the EPL finale today.

Rodgers confirmed Sterling will part of his squad despite the potential for conflict and he believes Liverpool’s supporters should recognise the difference between the forward and those that represent his interests. “My message to the supporters would be, look, this is a young boy who in my time as manager has given the football club everything,” Rodgers said.

Exceptional kid
“He was thrust into the team at 17 years of age. He was given that opportunity and he grabbed that opportunity. In the following period he has been exceptional for me. He’s a young man who has obviously passed on his career to other people and, unfortunately, whether people perceive it as right or wrong, he is being led by the representative. But the young boy I see on a daily basis and who I work with is still the same boy who wants to learn and I think the supporters will just continue to show what they always do.”

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