Sachin Tendulkar's right big toe injury is suspected to be due to the inflammation of the sesamoid bone, but according to Dr Mark Fergusson, the arthoscopic surgeon in South Africa, it could be some other problem.

Speaking from Johannesburg, Ferguson, who treated Tendulkar for the same injury in 2001, said, "the inflammation of the sesamoid bone can reoccur after few months but not after so many years. "I remember that Tendulkar was brought to me by Dr Anant Joshi. I asked him to try out a few innersoles and he was completely cured thereafter", Fergusson added.

Tendulkar will seek advice of a specialist in England on Monday. "Tendulkar's recent injury needs to be diagnosed properly. A little bit of inflammation may be due to soreness, or arthritis of the sesamoid, and in some cases, the patient may require surgery. "I have treated him five to six times so far for his injuries (back, toe, knee etc.)," he said.