Actor Sanjay Mishra of "Ankho Dekhi" fame will play a Bengali businessman in director Pritish Chakraborty's comedy film "Mangal Ho".

Sanjay Mishra
Sanjay Mishra

On why he chose Mishra, Chakraborty told the media: "I signed Sanjay Mishra because he is a brilliant actor and brilliant actors can easily fit into any character from any particular community.

"He hasn't tried his hand at a Bengali character till now, so this brings about freshness to the film. It is a challenge for us with this role but for him it is another means to experiment with his roles."

About developing Mishra's character, he said: "Sanjay is familiar with the Bengali language, though in this film he doesn't have to speak too many dialogues in Bengali. He has to portray his character through the strength of his mannerisms, and gestures and slang, which will have a Bengali touch."

Mishra's line "Dhondu, just chill" from Rohit Shetty's "All The Best" is still remembered by viewers, and something similar is on the cards in "Mangal Ho", which deals with the mission to form a civilisation on Mars in a quirky manner.

"There would definitely be a catchy one-liner, but you have to wait for it," he said.

"His character is of a stingy Bengali person who does business. He conducts his business very miserly and that will make the audience laugh," said Chakraborty.