'Gangs Of Wasseypur' actor Jaideep Ahalawat says the "brilliant script" of his upcoming crime drama 'Meeruthiya Gangsters' is the real hero of the movie.

"The script involving the story of six people is the real hero of the film. You are going to love the weirdness of the characters and if you don't watch the film then you're missing something," Jaideep said.

"The film is in a completely different zone. There is good sense of realism with the viewer feeling this is just about us... I assure the audience that you'll love all the characters, you'll laugh with them, get scared with them and you'll enjoy with the film," he said.

About his character, he said: "My character's name is Nikhil Chowdhary and he's also like the 'Chowdhary' of the gang. He is one of the stable gangsters compared to the other gangsters who're a lot more impulsive and crazy."

Jaideep shares a good bond with director Zeishan Quadri but says it turned out to be an advantage as well as a disadvantage during shooting.

"When you know someone and their behaviour, grasping that becomes easy. But shooting was also difficult because you know the person and you know their thinking and matching upto that is difficult. It was a mixed feeling, sometimes you feel it's very easy while sometimes you feel he's a hard nut to crack."

"Despite all that, once he started shooting, I knew it is indeed going to be very interesting."

The film's posters may give the impression that it is a comedy, but Jaideep denied it.

He says since they are non-professional criminals in the film, they are scarier.

Producer Shoeb Ahmed of Prateek Entertainment said: "When Zeishan gave me a narration, there was a certain passion in him. I saw 'Gangs Of Wasseypur' and I knew that this boy had immense potential. I loved the story as there were certain realistic things.

"The whole film is based on dialogues and the punches used in the film will trigger laughter in audiences on their own, that's how good the characters are. All of this fulfilled the requirements of a masala entertainer."

The film is Zeishan's debut venture and is releasing on September 18. Anurag Kashyap has co-edited and co-presented the film.