Lausanne: Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter and Johan Cruyff UEFA president Michel Platini hailed Johan Cruyff yesterday.

"Johan Cruyff gave football a unique touch that some try to copy," said Blatter.

"I'm very moved. He was an extraordinary personality who, along with Rinus Michels, kicked off total football. Football will miss Cruyff."

Meanwhile Platini described Cruyff as the "best player of all time".

"Cruyff was the best player of all time," Platini said. "I've lost a friend, the world has lost a great man. I admired him, he was the best player of all time," said Platini. "I played with him in his testimonial.

I told him how happy I was to meet him, but he didn't even look at me! Later on, I gave him a prize in my role as UEFA president and we became friends."