Women love the scent of this man, and it's not surprising that actor Arjun Rampal takes efforts to always smell good. "Body odour is criminal. You just can't disrespect your partner and the people you interact with by not smelling nice," says Arjun. With a strong sense of smell, the actor-entrepreneur recently launched his signature fragrance. CS tries to sniff out what gets this hunk going:

Who: Arjun Rampal
What: Talks about his love for good smells
Where: At a lounge

On a scent
I have a very strong sense of smell and a good smell never fails to awaken my senses. I simply love the smell of rain on earth with it rains for the first time, the smell of young babies, and that of the sea and the forest. Then, getting up in the mornings to the smell of coffee feels like you are in paradise. As for wearing a fragrance, I love Jo Malone. It is a blend of dark lily, amber and ginger. I don't know how they managed to get this weird combination right, but I'm glad they did. I believe that it is our duty to smell good. But yes, I've come across so many who don't. My remedy - short and deep breathes. If it gets bad, stop breathing and escape from there as soon as you can!

Power of smell
Shah Rukh's sense of smell is awesome. And, he's always very secretive about it (smiles). But in truth, anybody I've encountered, successful men and women, they have a brilliant sense of smell. It's like an identity, a part of an aura that surrounds them. And some of these smells are strongly embedded in my mind. So, the moment I step into a room and get a whiff of a certain smell, I know who is present there. This also happens with my mom, my hometown and Colaba; it brings back memories; such is the power of scents.

The love act
If I launch another perfume, I'll call it sex. Sex is an important part of any marriage and it's a great thing. And I completely believe that it is important to make your partner feel sexy as well as be attractive to him or her. Sex is just an act to express all the feelings that you develop for each other over the years. And let me tell you, it just gets better with time as both of you know your comfort zones and what pleases each other; it's definitely not vulgar.