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Q. I am 24 and single. My penis, when erect is not straight. It is a little tilted. Will it affect my sex life when I get married?
— Tilted
A. Even Eros, the god of love may not have had an erection at 90-degree angle. Little curvature of the penis is a normal phenomenon. Little tilt to the left or right does not affect the penetration. While breaking in through a window, one could be a little to the left or to the right, it makes the least difference in entering. What is important is, that one must get in.

Q. I am 23. I met a girl at the club and invited her home. After finishing the act, I started feeling burning in the urine. Small eruptions appeared on my penis. I started urinating frequently. What’s happening?
— Infected
A. This is suggestive of urinary tract infection and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), probably because of unprotected sex. It is best to rule out any sexually transmitted infections like Gonorrhea etc before proceeding for the treatment. Also, it would be wiser to get your HIV test done after 90 days from the day of sexual contact. You need to consult a specialist in STIs. Always use condoms when you are having sexual intercourse with a stranger.

Q. I am 19 years old and yet to develop facial hair. My friends keep teasing me. Otherwise I can sexually perform well and I have good quantity of semen spill as well. Please help.
— Hairy issues
A.There are some individuals who grow beard and moustaches a little later in life. You need not worry about it. As the quantity of ejaculate is sufficient (2-5 ml), it appears that your male hormone system is in order. You may take a diet which is rich in male hormone like black grams (udal dal) which may speed up your secondary characteristics. Avoid synthetic testosterone as it may adversely affect your sperm count.

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