Shane Warne's son Jackson's first love is tennis, not cricket

Feb 18, 2015, 08:35 IST | Bipin Dani

Jackson Warne, the son of Australia's legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne, does not intend pursuing his cricket career Recently, the 15-year-old, Jackson, playing for the Brighton Grammar School in Melbourne, took a hat-trick to emulate his famous father's 1994-95 Melbourne Test feat.

Jackson Warne
Jackson Warne

Back to tennis
Speaking from his school, he said, "No, I have always played tennis at school as my summer sport which I enjoy. I only played cricket this season just to give it a go. Next summer I am going back to tennis.

"I was surprised. I didn't expect to get it (hat-trick) My parents were very supportive, saying things like 'good job'. My dad said to me, 'good job... that's only your fourth game'. I like sport, physical education and spending time with my mates," said Jackson.

Jackson admitted being an average student and at 15, he has no idea what direction he will follow.

'Delightful kid'
"Jackson has been enrolled at our School since he was a three in our Early Learning Centre. Despite having a globally famous father Jackson has always simply been just one of the boys – indeed a delightful young man," Natalie van Wetering, the Director of Marketing and Community Relations, told mid-day from Melbourne.

"Shane (Warne) has been around the school in the the same way most of our fathers do — watching sports, attending father-son activities, parent nights and so on," she said.

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