'She first said yes and then changed her mind...'

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend’s behaviour has left me confused. We have been together for over three years. The other day, I proposed to her and she agreed. Later, however, she did a rethink. Now she tells me she is worried her parents will object as I belong to a different community. I’m willing to go to any extent to be with her, but she is too scared.
— Tarun

Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Tarun,
It is clear that your girlfriend is not as serious about the relationship as you are. After going around with you for all these years, she has not yet let her folk know about it. In all likelihood, it appears that she will end up marrying someone of her parent’s choice and leave you in the lurch. Ask her if she is willing to tell her parents about you. If not, don’t waste time on her and move on.

Dear Diana,
My parents have been looking for a groom for me, but so far have been unsuccessful. Or should I say, we haven’t been successful. The problem with me is that I don’t feel like marrying anyone, but I’m too polite to let my parents know what’s really going on. I want to tell them that I’m happy on my own, but they won’t understand. They’ll just assume that I’m having some problems. How do I explain it to them? I’m 29 and a software professional.
— Rajnigandha

Dear Rajnigandha,
Like all parents, they too are keen on your well-being and happiness. You may have your reasons for not being too keen to marry while they have their reasons for wanting to see you married. It is not that they are forcing you to marry just about anyone, they are taking their time and meanwhile you too can look out for a soulmate. Never say never to anything, you don’t know when Cupid will strike. So for now just let things go on as usual.

Diana will solve it!
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