Shiv Sena inclined to have sloped roofs to stem water seepage in buildings during monsoons

Every monsoon, residents on top floors have to cope with such problems, which also weaken the structures overall.┬áChairman of BMC’s standing committee Rahul Shewale moved a proposal (akin to a Notice of Motion) to be tabled before the general body, which would be discussed and forwarded to the civic administration for its opinion and implementation.

“Most buildings have this predicament of leakage, which also damages the structures, especially during monsoon. BMC should permit construction of pitched roofs, so that water does not stagnate and then leach through the walls,” said Shewale.

Shewale also intends to charge housing societies for erecting the roofs, arguing that this way, the BMC would get some revenue, and residents would find a solution to the leakage problem. “The BMC should simplify the procedure of obtaining permission for the alterations. This would also help add life to the buildings,” he said. As per BMC records, the city has about 14.22 lakh properties, all of which are likely to benefit from this plan.

“Most buildings do not have suitable sloped roofs, resulting in stagnation of water, and consequently, seepage. The problem first affects top floor residents, and also harms the parapets, as water enters the walls and makes the structure vulnerable,” said a civic official from the building proposal department, who wished to remain nameless. He also said that the administration would consider the proposal and reply to it, once it got cleared in the general body meeting.

‘Idea should not be misused’
Speaking to MiD DAY, leading city-based architect Pankaj Joshi opined that the plan would indeed help the buildings. “It is a good idea to protect the structures from rains. But the concept should not be misused. The roof should be of lightweight material, and the height should be restricted, so that residents do not dump their belongings over there,” he said.

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