Los Angeles: Actress Shonda Rhimes took to Twitter to express her displeasure over Lady Gaga's Oscar performance, which was a tribute to veteran star Julie Andrews. 

Lady Gaga. Pic/AFP
Lady Gaga. Pic/AFP 

The pop star's sang 'The Sound of Music', the title song of Andrews' 1965 film. The performance became one of the highlights of the 2015 Academy Awards but Rhimes did not like it.

"That was not okay. I mean, Idina is there. She is right there. RIGHT THERE. And oh dear God, Julie had to hear that.

#Oscars2015," Rhimes wrote. She referred to singer Idina Menzel, who was one of the presenters and Andrews, who surprised the audience when she walked onto the stage after GaGa finished singing.

While Rhimes thought it was not right, Andrews praised Gaga for her performance.