Shot in the dark: Actor holds exclusive film screening for ladylove

Nov 20, 2014, 08:26 IST | The Hitlist Team

This married actor is believed to be having a roaring affair with an actress. Industry grapevine is buzzing with rumours that he had recently organised a special screening of his film for her and her family.

Actor holds exclusive film screening for rumoured ladylove

Apparently, the special preview was arranged at the behest of the actress, who wanted to watch the film in the company of her family and close friends.

A source present at the screening informs us that the actor, however, was not seen at the theatre.

Adds the source, "During the interval, the actress went to a corner and was seen talking on the phone. She was blushing a lot. From her expressions, it seemed like she loved the film and was impressed by her beau's performance. Even her family members couldn't stop raving about the film."

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