Shot in the dark: Actor miffed as award show honours co-star

This actor was miffed with the organisers of an awards show for 'inappropriate' nomination and honouring one of his co-stars

This talented actor, who received compliments as well as criticism for his films last year, appeared pretty upset at a recent awards function — events he generally gives a miss. A source says, "He was reluctant to attend it, but was persuaded to attend following repeated requests from the organisers."

Shot in the dark: Actor miffed as award show honours co-star

It is said that after he confirmed his presence, the organisers decided to nominate him for a top award. "He was surprised to see his name in the list of nominees, that too for a film that was slammed by critics. Not that he was not expecting the award, but he felt that the organisers could have nominated him for one of his better performances in another acclaimed film," the source adds.

Nevertheless, the actor decided to stay back and was taken aback when his co-star received an honour for a film he was also appreciated for. "He left the venue immediately after the award was given," says the source.

  • Jay09-Feb-2015

    Randeep Hooda who was nominated for Rang Rasiya instead of Highway at Filmfare. And Alia his co star got critics award for Highway.

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