Shot in the dark: Filmmaker takes daughter abroad for cosmetic surgery

This star kid, who is often spotted at film events along with her parents, is said to have been bitten by the Bollywood bug. And the preparations seem to have begun in earnest too. Her filmmaker-father is keen that she makes a perfect debut and has been personally looking after her grooming.

Shot in the dark

In fact, he recently took the teenager to a foreign country to get cosmetic surgery done.

Says a source, “It is but inevitable that she will step into movies as it is in her blood. To ensure that she looks like a diva from her very first film, her father is focussing all his energy on her grooming. Both he and his wife, who is also part of the industry, were keen that she goes under the knife to achieve near-perfect looks.”

For the filmmaker’s industry friends, it isn’t surprising that the girl opted for such grooming as a family member too underwent drastic transformation over the years, thanks to the plastic surgeon’s tools. “She has grown up in a filmy atmosphere and while her parents deny that she is looking at Bollywood as a career, her recent outings suggest otherwise,” adds a source.



  • Neha27-Jul-2015

    Janavi Kapoor

  • Tahir27-Jul-2015

    Sounds definitely like Boney Kapoor and his daughter Jhanvi Kapoor. All the clues seem to be suggesting that! Her mum Sridevi had a nose job in the 80s when she wanted to start her career in Bollywood, as unfortunately Bollywood is image obsessed!

  • Ravi27-Jul-2015

    Boney Kapoor

  • Shalaka I27-Jul-2015

    Boney Kapoor

  • Sharath28-Jul-2015

    Boney kapoor-jahnvi??

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