Shot in the dark: No photographs, please!

If sources are to be believed, this superstar and his co-star — also a leading actress — were taking a walk at an unearthly hour on Juhu beach a few days ago. It was around 3am, and in some time, the superstar realised that they were being photographed. He then caught hold of the lensman and asked the latter to delete the photographs he had clicked.

Shot in the dark
Shot in the dark

Says a source, “The superstar is known to be an early riser and on that particular day, he was accompanied by this actress who is also his co-star. They were taking a walk on the beach and sharing a private moment, but that’s when a photo-journalist clicked their pictures.”

It seems that the actor forbade the photographer from sending them across to any media house. “But the next day, he learnt that the images had made their way to a news publication. As soon as he got to know about this, he made
a few calls and asked the publication to not print the photographs. The actor wants to do everything possible to ensure that word about this incident never gets out,” says this source.



  • Rani19-Mar-2014

    Well, only early riser Superstar I know is Akshay Kumar, but I can't imagine Akki sharing a private moment with his co-star at 3 in the morning on the beach so no Akki. Whoever it was, it's very foolish of him to do such thing openly then expect not to be clicked unless he wanted this news and pics to come out in media to gain publicity for his upcoming movie?

  • hrkat22-Mar-2014

    awwww finally something about my duggu and kat i hope they end up together

  • anonym19-Mar-2014

    I think, this were certainly SRK and his Plastic Chopra.... them make everything secret, also twittern, and, he has a lot of influence about the press

  • jane19-Mar-2014

    So Hrithik and Katrina are wee hour friends!!!

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