Although his last film did not work wonders at the box office, this good looking actor has been on the radar of ace filmmakers for his acting chops. But, of late, he has been a bit jittery about sharing the limelight with a fellow actor of his upcoming film.

Shot in the dark: This actor is feeling insecure of co-star

A source says, "The script focuses on his character and so, he was fine with the presence of other actors in the film. However, after the film's trailer was unveiled, one of his co-actors has been getting a lot of attention. The co-actor's role is said to be pretty powerful too, and that's making this gentleman uncomfortable and tense."

Even when the shoot was underway, the actor was not too happy that the crew members were giving the other actor a lot of attention. Adds the source, "The co-actor was friendly with the unit folk as well as locals at the shooting site. So, the crew became fond of him while the locals would gather around the sets to meet this affable actor and click pictures with him. This did not go down well with the main hero and he would try different tricks to entertain the crowd around the set."