Shot in the dark: This actress got a role after agreeing to 'compromise'

This sexy actress landed a plum role after she agreed to 'compromise'

The makers of an upcoming multi-starrer were looking for a glamorous face to be part of their project. There was a hot race between two sexy actresses, who do not have a typical Bollywood heroine image.

Both are relatively new and have done a few films here and there, though one of them has worked with bigger names in the industry. However, the selection of one of them has set tongues wagging.

Shot in the dark: This actress got a role after agreeing to 'compromise'

Says a source, "There was a lot of speculation over the casting. The producers were in talks with a few newcomers and zeroed in on two girls. They were finding it tough to select one of them as both the girls were equally perfect to romance the lead hero. When the final decision came, the one who lost out on the big project was quite taken aback."

It is said that the other actress bagged the role after she agreed to show one of the producers 'a good time'. "When the casting process was on, this girl had a private meeting with the producer and was taken on board. She was keen to be part of the film and when asked if she was willing to compromise, she nodded to everyone's surprise. She will soon begin shooting for her part," adds the source.

This actress is not the only one to have resorted to extreme measures to gain a foothold in the filmi and telly world. Check out five other instances below:

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