Shot in the dark: This actress seems to have fallen for a married co-star

This young actress seems to have lost her heart to a married co-star

This actress has been linked to almost all her co-stars in the past. Now we hear whispers about her infatuation with an A-list actor she shared screen space with in a recently released film.

Shot in the dark: This actress seems to have fallen for a married co-star

Says a source, "During the shoot, she got along quite well with him and the actor swept her off her feet with his charm and wit. They would hang out together after pack-up.

She, in fact, would follow his routine and make sure that she spent a lot of time with him after giving their shots and during the promotions as well." 

The actor in question is a married man and this actress is believed to be in a relationship with a young actor at the moment.

It seems that the actor also fancies her, but is treating it only like a fling, nothing more. "He, too, has a reputation of a playboy and is not serious about the actress. When they were touring various cities to promote their film, she never missed a chance to flirt with him.

He was obviously enjoying all the attention and has promised that he will recommend her name to a few of his filmmaker-friends," adds the insider.

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