He may have started his acting career more than a decade ago, but he is yet to see a big hit to his credit. And it has emerged that he is now seeking solace in alcohol.

Shot In The Dark

A source says, "Star sons are under tremendous pressure as they are often compared to their illustrious fathers. This actor has been no exception and the pressure to be successsful is now getting the better of him. Currently working on a multi-starrer, he has started drinking heavily. It is also known that he reports to work in an inebriated state."

Moreover, the actor was also in the news for throwing starry tantrums at a kid's birthday he had been recently invited to. A source says that a well-off family had initially approached a bigger star to put in an appearance at their kid's birthday but the actor turned down the offer. The star son was then invited in his place.

"He charged a hefty R30 lakh for the appearance. Moreover, he stayed at the party for just 15 minutes and left immediately after the cake was cut. The kid's father was heard complaining later that the star son had bluntly refused to interact with any of his guests," says the source.