Shot in the dark: This TV actress has fallen for a married producer

Unlike many television actresses who get romantically involved with their co-stars, this young woman, who features in a drama series with a popular actor, has fallen for the show's producer. While the actress is head over heels in love with him, the latter is unsure about the future of their 'romance' as he is married.

Shot in the dark

A source says, "Ever since she started working in the show, she has been besotted with the producer. He is quite friendly with her on and off the sets. The crew is observing their growing closeness and so, they have decided to be discreet about their blossoming romance."

The actress was dating her co-actor from a previous show, but broke up with him some time ago. Another source says, "The producer may not be serious about her, but is definitely fond of her; it could be just a fling for him. But she wants to take the relationship forward. At a recent party, she was seen following him around and falling all over him. The other guests were shocked to see her behaving so wild."

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