Of late, actress Shradha Kapoor has been facing the ire of media photographers thanks to her allegedly ‘unhealthy attitude’.

Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor

Lensmen allege that she would intentionally avoid them at events or make them wait for hours. United, they decided to boycott her due to her this high-handednes. They refused to shoot her at recent events. To clear the air, Shraddha had an informal meeting with them on Saturday.

The actress apparently arrived much before time for a peace meeting with the shutterbugs. A source says, “At this meeting with the photographers, she came in around 20 minutes before the scheduled time. She said that her actions were misunderstood and she had no intention of avoiding photographers or giving them a hard time. Shraddha was asked about past instances when she had apparently done so and he actress patiently cleared the air.’’

The actress apparently said that there are times when one is not wearing makeup and that at another time, she kept her head down and walked away because she was wearing high heels.

The source says, “The actress did look apologetic and said whatever had happened in the past was a mistake and not intentional. She stressed that it would not happen again.’’