But the Italian porn actor and director has expressed his desire to do the same. CS brings to you some interesting tit-bits from Berlusconi’s very colourful life:

>> After dominating Italy’s politics for 17 long years, Berlusconi resigned as the country’s Prime Minister in November 2011 after he lost his majority amid an acute debt crisis.

>> In January 2011, the story broke out about Berlusconi paying El Mahroug, a teenager at the time, for sex.

>> Around the same time, he made headlines for his famous bunga-bunga parties.

>> During a live television show in October 2009, Berlusconi called one of his ex-ministers ‘more beautiful than intelligent’. Thousands of offended women signed a petition stating ‘This man offends us. Stop him.’

>> Berlusconi’s wife, Veronica Lario, split with him in February 2007, after he was caught flirting with former showgirl turned equal opportunities minister Mara Carfagna.

>> A video was released on the Internet that shows Berlusconi making ‘humping’ gestures behind a police woman.

>> In September 2007, an Italian newspaper claimed to have acquired a taped conversation between him and an escort named Patrizia D’Addario, where the PM supposedly tells her to wait for him in bed.