There are many aspirants for the coveted title of lifestyle goddess, but Verve’s striking December cover, featuring Zarine and Sanjay Khan’s three lovely daughters — Farah Khan Ali, Simone Arora and Sussanne Roshan kind of proves what we’ve always suspected: when it comes to true-blue glamour, and luxury lifestyle, few families come close to the Khans.

Leave aside the fact that all three sisters are steeped in the universe of aesthetics and design (jewellery for Farah, interiors and lifestyle retail for Simone and Sussanne), they have been exposed to aesthetics, glamour and beauty from the moment they opened their eyes, thanks to their parents and their extended family.

December cover of Verve magazine featuring Sussanne Roshan, Farah Khan Ali and Simone Arora. PIC/VERVE
December cover of Verve magazine featuring Sussanne Roshan, Farah Khan Ali and Simone Arora. Pic/VERVE

But what sets the cover is the warmth and comfort level of the sisters. “We had a complete blast shooting for it,” says Sussanne, the youngest. “The bond we share, is like oxygen; fresh, real and solid. The shoot was done at my store, Charcoal Project, and it finished in record timing. Totally effortless.

We three are so unique in our own ways, yet there is this comfort zone that helps one another in our everyday lives as moms, independent working women and most of all as human beings,” she said adding, “Farah is the giver, Simone is the protector and I guess I am the philosopher; together we shall always be a force field of energy. It’s a gift to be a part of this force field and I feel blessed.” Take it away girls!

Esther’s throne
“I couldn’t think of anything to give her as a birthday gift last October,” says media maven, social entrepreneur and once-in-a-while rugby player Ashok Kurien, about his mother Esther Kurien, the legendary long retired Head of the English department at Wilson College. “At 93, you can’t appreciate or look forward to much,” he says.

Esther Kurien Ashok Kurien
Esther Kurien and Ashok Kurien

“But then I happened to drop in at Srila Chatterjee’s fabulous new lifestyle and furniture store, Hi Light, at Lower Parel and saw this chair, and on a wild impulsive moment, just thought she may enjoy it,” says the doting son. “She has sat on the same old chair we have had in our home for many, many years and I was quite overcome at her reaction.

She was thrilled. Like a little girl with a new dress ‘This is a throne fit for a queen’, she said, ‘Queen Esther’. And promptly got rid of the chair which had been in our family for 60 years, and plonked herself down on her new Throne,” he smiles.

As for Kurien, when he’s not scouring furniture shops, he says he’s on the verge of his newest project, developing a product called Livinguard which will ‘Convert dirty, polluted water into pure, bacteria-free water for all the world’s poor at 1 paise per litre,” he says, “It’s a game changer.”

Shaina’s blanket initiative
Given her background in community service (her father, Nana Chudasama, has launched innumerable civic initiatives), it came as no surprise that BJP leader Shaina NC chose her birthday week to distribute mosquito repellent blankets to needy children of Girgaon to counter dengue and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

Shaina NC distributing mosquito repellent blankets to kids at Girgaon
Shaina NC distributing mosquito repellent blankets to kids at Girgaon

“I spoke to the children about the importance of prevention,” says Shaina, who is often seen matching her wits against leading political opponents on TV programmes. “There has been a steep rise in the numbers of dengue and malaria, and young children, often without access to clean amenities and hygienic surroundings, are most vulnerable.”

What is unique about the venture is that the blanket is called Mos-Quit-O and made by Nidra Home, it is said to be 100 per cent effective as a repellent against mosquitoes even after 50 washes. “This is a small step on our behalf to safeguard the city’s children,” says Shaina, adding, “However, a much larger committed effort is needed to combat health issues in our city.”

Affordable luxury
“We have a presence in the online space in India importing luxury eyewear for the past five years and we felt it was opportune to launch a High Premium brand pan- India, in both the offline and online space and chose Palladium Mumbai as the location for our Flagship Store,” says Manoj Jain, director of Payce Business Solutions, about the launch this week of Aftershock London, one of the youngest most dynamic British brands and a favourite of Madonna, Uma Thurman, and other high voltage international icons.

Karisma Kapoor Haseena Jethmalani
Karisma Kapoor and Haseena Jethmalani 

With a sleek modern store and a curated selection of apparel, shoes, jewellery and handbags for today’s glam girls looking for affordable luxury, Aftershock London already has a wide fan base in India, so Jain’s on to a good thing.

Manoj Jain
Manoj Jain

“The Principals of Aftershock London approached me and my three partners Nirmal Momaya, Ashish Dandekar and Rushang Shah to roll out their brand in India,” says the entrepreneur, a scion of a renowned Sobo clan, who also happens to be married to Raj Kapoor’s youngest daughter Rima.

Madonna. Pic/Getty Images
Madonna. Pic/Getty Images

“The brand epitomises glamour with a touch of elegance at an affordable price and it’s design-led, iconic and sexy,” says Jain. And given his own proximity to glamour and style (both his family and that of his wife’s boast many iconic women, starting with Jain’s own sister, the statuesque Renuka) we couldn’t let him get away with not telling us who his style favourites were: “Our young generation of ladies dresses very tastefully.

Currently, I would say that Karisma Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Haseena Jethmalani are but a few names who instantly come to mind as fashion icons who can carry multiple genres successfully,” he says.