An American who was obsessed with the Queen lay dead in a park near Buckingham Palace in London for about three years before being discovered

The skeletal remains of Robert Moore, 69, were found by a tree surgeon on West Island in St James's Park, which has "excellent" views of the palace, on March 15 this year, an inquest has heard.

His skull and bones were resting on a yellow cushion covered in mulch. A passport was in a pocket with vodka bottles close by.

Westminster Crown Court was told that Moore, who arrived from the US in 2007, had a history of mental and alcohol problems.

He had sent hundreds of "strange and offensive" packages to the Queen - some including obscene photographs - for 15 years.

"He had a fixation with the Queen and the Royal Family. There would not be a better place to remain undiscovered with a view of the Queen's primary residence than the West Island," the Sun quoted detective Sergeant Mike West, from Marylebone Police Station, as saying.

The cause of death was recorded as "unascertained".