Snap judgement: A quick verdict on the buzz

Mar 12, 2017, 11:18 IST | SMD Team

A quick verdict on the buzz

Rice will be rice

We recently found out that Busago, the pan Asian restaurant known for its meal bowls, has introduced a substitute for rice to the Busabowl, with stir fried cauliflower as the base. Being rice-lovers, we were curious to find out what could possibly come close to our favourite staple. So, we called for the exotic mixed stir-fried veggies that come with the cauliflower florets. The couscous look-alike was broken down into tiny granules. While we liked the taste, calling the florets as a rice replacement, would be taking things a bit far. The quantity was handsome, and it's certainly worth a bite. But, we'd like some real rice on the side, please.

The price we pay
While nearly every restaurant and pub in town bore midweek cheer in the garb of discounts and offers on Women's Day, there was one place that chose to go against the grain, and sadly, not in a way that left us beaming. Hoppipola at Todi Mills charged guests an entry fee — not cover charge, mind you — even as its counterparts opened their doors and bent the rules, some of them waiving off their usual cover charges as well. The occasion aside, we don't understand why an entry fee at all, especially when there was not even a performance or gig inside. Since when do we have to pay to enter a restobar?

Ed, the rapper!
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran's new album, Divide, is a must for any fan, and even for one who is not. You can't escape the charm of The Shape of You, which has an equally charming video, with the cute Sheeran trying to woo a lady boxer. We loved the rest of the album, because we love his rapping skills, and songwriting, of course. Songs that are a must listen are Galway Girl, New Man and Eraser. If the romantic in you needs a ballad to complete your playlist, you will love Dive and Happier. The best thing about Sheeran is that he evolves with every album, thanks to his astute perception of the world around him.

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