The actress, while waiting for her shot to start, revealed that the unit is crazy! Even if they have half a day off, they all play cricket and volleyball rather than crib about the weather.

Soha Ali Khan

“This is like a mad crew, we have been shooting so hard in sweltering heat yet they have so much energy that whenever there is half a day off, everyone just goes insane.

The petite actress has much more to share. “We were shooting all night the day before yesterday and then we had a day off which was utilised well. There was a lot of sports played and then there was non-stop dancing and merriment of all kinds. We are having fun in this sweltering heat also.”

Apparently Soha is not a foodie so she hasn’t experimented with the local Rajasthani food yet. “Other than this I have got books to read, TV serials to catch up on, I have bought a lot of British TV series. I like watching a lot of murder and crime movies,” sums up the actress.