People's stress levels are increasing every day, and research students at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay are no exception. The Research Scholars' Companion Program (RSCP) at IITB in association with the counseling centre at the institute has organised a stress management programme for PhD students on campus.

The programme specifically addressed the issues faced by a research candidate which causes stress. Aspects such as frustration with the selected topic of research, troubles due to inconclusive study, explaining situations to family and friends while others are moving ahead in their life, were discussed in the session.

Pratyusha T, Coordinator of the RSCP, told mid-day, "We have been working to ease lives of those coming to IITB for research. Pursuing PhD is a time-consuming process which requires much patience. Students need help in terms of guidance from seniors on aspects such as time management and stress management. We keep organising such events to help research candidates."

Shivani Manchanda, from the counseling department of the institute, said, "Stress in student life is very common irrespective of which course are they pursuing. with academics there are also personal life issues which are generally common. We have been taking efforts to reach out to students so that more and more students can take help of counseling facility. Conducting such workshops is a way to reach out."

She added, "Specifically for those pursuing PhD the personal life stress begins when they say everybody around them moving ahead in life with jobs and family and kids whereas they are yet completing their research. Most times, they also reach frustration with issues in research, especially when tasks remain inconclusive. When RSCP approached us, we were more than happy to conduct the workshop. We have been conducting different workshops with RSCP such as stress management, time management among all."