London: England bowler Stuart Broad dismissed claims by former teammate Kevin Pietersen that there was a bullying culture in the team during their time as international colleagues.

Stuart Broad
Stuart Broad 

In Pietersen's recently published autobiography, he alleges that Broad was a member of a group of senior players who abused less-experienced squad members if they made fielding errors.

But Broad told BBC Sport in an interview published late on Wednesday: "The 'bullying' word has not crossed my mind in eight or nine years of playing international cricket."

"You would expect guys to be excited and passionate about playing for their country. I look at my heroes growing up, the likes of (former England rugby union captain) Martin Johnson.

Look at (former Man Utd goalkeeper) Peter Schmeichel — when he conceded a goal, he certainly gave Steve Bruce and Gary Pallister an earful.

"I don't know if that would be classed as bullying, or just the passion of being disappointed."