Sudheer Babu: Didn't want to enter Bollywood initially

He is a big name in the Telugu film industry but actor Sudheer Babu, who is making his Hindi movie debut with 'Baaghi', had no fascination to enter Bollywood as he was already getting good roles down south.

Sudheer Babu
Sudheer Babu

The actor will be seen playing the main antagonist in 'Baaghi'. When director Sabbir Khan called him for the part, Sudheer wanted to politely decline the offer but decided to come onboard once he heard the story.

"Initially I didn't want to join Bollywood because there is a lot of scope for growth in Telugu industry. But this being a very big banner, I thought it would be nice for me to come here, explain them and say no," Sudheer told PTI.

"But once I heard the script I thought there was a lot of scope for performance. I realise now, that I haven't done a Bollywood film but a Hollywood one going by what they have done," he added.

The actor will be seen doing hardcore action in the character of 'Raghav' and says he has no apprehension starting out his Bollywood career with a negative role.

"I am aware I am representing a family of superstars and down south fans worship heroes. They put their pictures nextto God's picture and pray. It is slowly changing, they are no more that obsessed with heroes.

"Even in my first film, I was a villain because it is better to start off in a negative role before playing a lead. If you start off with a lead role, it is tough to then do a negative role. It becomes tougher for people to accept," he added.

"Baaghi" features Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor in lead role who will be seen doing high-octane stunts. The "Siva Manasulo Sruthi" star is the brother-in-law of popular Telugu star Mahesh Babu. Sudheer says he spoke to Mahesh before coming on board for the film and is keen to arrange a special screening of the action-drama.

"Before even taking the call I told him that I might be doing this film. He was very happy. He has seen my work and he said 'this is the right film I am looking at for you. Tomorrow I want to see you and tiger fight'."

With 'Baaghi' scheduled to release on April 29, Sudheer is now geared up to do more Hindi films.

"I'll be putting conscious effort now because I've got a very good opportunity with this one and I want to prove that I am good. Lot of actors have come from south to north but very few have a made for themselves. I'll try my best to change that," he said.

"I'll try to do both Telugu and Hindi films simultaneously. Even a bilingual film in case the cultures match," he added.

The actor also said he admires Hrithik Roshan, Salman and Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood.

"There are many I look upto in Bollywood. I can't even think one but I like Hrithik, Salman and even Shah Rukh. Everybody is good in their own way and I do admire all of them."

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