The Westin is celebrating India's 62nd Republic Day with a special brunch at Seasonal Tastes

"Although Indian street food is probably one of the most authentic foods served today, we would want out customers to experience and relish a host of regional cuisines," says Chef Santosh Jori, Executive Chef, The Westin Pune. From Aam Panna to Berry Mocktail and from Biryani to Kathi Rolls, there is something to relish for everyone at their brunch.

The Republic Day brunch at Westin

"There will be live counters for kebabs, chaat and sandwiches. Also, as Indian street food is very popular among those looking for a quick bite, we will incorporate that as well," adds Jori. The Westin Pune has planned a poolside party for kids and arranged for a special kids' zone where they will entertained with games, tattoo artistes and music. There will be a live performance by international artiste Julie from Seattle, USA.

Commenting on the significance of Indian cuisine, Chef Santosh Jori says, "Over time, Indian cuisine has got the recognition it deserves in the global culinary arena. Today even on popular cookery shows around the world, Indian food is cherished and admired. This is due to the fact that Indian cuisine plays with the flavours, spices and uses organic ingredients. People now appreciate the different herbs used and the classic play of ingredients that can be done with Indian cuisine."

In a special effort to felicitate and pay tribute to the altruistic work undertaken by the armed forces, The Westin Pune, Koregaon Park will be extending a special offer for defense personnel along with their families to show respect and gratitude for serving the 

From 12 pm to 3.30 pm
At Westin, Koregaon Park.