The best nutrition Sciene has to offer!

Jonty Rhodes, South African cricketer and ESN Director says, “Being an ex-cricketer and a present coach, I realise the importance of good nutrition, and have worked closely with the team at ESN to bring this range of products to the market.”

Aatikaay Narula, Dale Steyn and Jonty Rhodes
Aatikaay Narula, CEO ESN, Dale Steyn and Jonty Rhodes

Aatikaay Narula, CEO ESN adds, “We at ESN realise that 98 per cent of people do not go to the gym. But these people still face nutritional challenges. Sadly, the present supplements in the market target only bodybuilders or people training hard at gyms.

There are virtually no products for the average office goer or the housewife at all! This is where we decided we must step in. We have launched products such as Chill Pills, which is a natural stress reliever and mood enhancer, Workoholic, a product which helps naturally enhance energy, focus and concentration.

Also, just as there is no standard size of a T-shirt for different bodies, there can be no ideal product for the entire world. Different continents have different climatic conditions, people have different genetic makeups, diets are different etc.

We ensured we did not launch the same formulations as we have in the South African market, a trend which every other company follows. We closely studied the Indian climate, the genes of the people, the region wise varying diets etc.”

Dale Steyn signs off by saying he has signed up with ESN as being the best fast bowler in the world, his body needs the best nutrition science has to offer. Also, being a premier athlete, he needs that extra assurance of his products being steroid free, something which only ESN could help him with.  

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