Just Komputing is a refreshing new accessory hub that is dedicated to quirky, offbeat and convenient computer and mobile gizmos and accessories, rarely seen in assembly-line gadget and electronic chains across the city

Toss your pricey Ipad into the water or dare to set out on a trip without enough ammo on your phones battery a bit unthinkable in these gadget-slaved times, isn't it? But with the just-opened store Just Komputing (JK) at Kemps Corner your woes can be safely rid away.

Accessory heaven isn't far away with this hub, which is your stopover for all kinds of add-ons, accessories and essentials to prep up you mobile phones and laptops.

Store owner Jyotin Shah has been in the business of supplying accessories to various electronic stores in the city for 23 years and his experience shows.

He was keen to set up a direct window to his products and that's how Just Komputing surfaced in December last year. All products carry a reputed brand name and have been imported from the US and Europe.

Most products are expensive but make for useful take -homes. We loved their elastic mat grids (can be bought separately or with laptop cases, Rs 3,900); these help you de-clutter your workstation or your bag as it can hold everything from a mobile phone to lip-gloss!
While retro handsets that can be connected to your cell phone and be used as a handset are now available at quite a few places in the city, JK stocks a holder for the bulky handset (Rs 720).
They sell unique speakers including those made from recycled cardboard that can be folded into boxes (Rs 1,080), speakers for Iphone that rotate with a touch on the remote and tiny ball-shaped speakers that can fit in your palm (Rs 600).

Other interesting products to look out for include waterproof cases for tablets (Rs 1200 to 3750), numerical keyboard extension for laptops (Rs 4725), and even a few household products such as foldable hangers, wobble toothbrush holders and vegetable cutters.

At Jus Komputing, India House no 2, below Kemps Corner flyover, Kemps Corner.
call 23879006

What Holsters for gadgets
Why Buy? Next time you go running or painting or photographing, don't bother digging your pocket to pick up your phone. This holster (available in several colours and sizes) will keep you mp3 player, phone, pens over even wallet organised.
How Much? Rs 2,100 onwards

What Swarovski mobile cover
Why Buy? Now that you've bought an expensive Iphone why not spend a bit more and go for Swarovski encrusted mobile covers? They have various colourful options with some that are autumn themed.
How Much? Rs 2,500 onwards

What Graphic printed laptop cover
Why Buy? This range of graphic printed covers come for laptops and Ipads too. We simply love the quirk levels of this cover other than the sturdy quality.
How Much? Rs 8,000

What Juice Pack for Iphone
Why Buy? Don't think twice before playing music on your phone or going mad with applications with this phone cover cum battery pack. Once charged the cover adds extra battery life to your phone
How Much? Rs 6,600

What Game Wheel
Why Buy? Give a new spin to all the motion-gaming car games you play with the Game Wheel. All you've got to do is stick your phone on the wheel (don't worry the gum's quite potent) and drive!
How Much? Rs 975

What Solar Charger
Why Buy? Eco-friendly was never this convenient. Don't let the price deter you. This charger has a plug, car connector apart from solar panels, so it's a perfect travel accessory.
How Much? Rs 4,680