The loss of an icon

The death of Mario Miranda led many to flood timelines with tributes. In actor Anupam Kher's words, 'Mumbai loses its smile and Goa its colour.' A certain Dan Husain tweeted: 'I can't recall a year beside 2011 in my lifetime when so many who shaped our sensibilities bid farewell to this world.' According to Sukumar Ranganathan: 'There are cartoonists who focus on ideas, and those who focus on context and background. Mario Miranda did both brilliantly.' Arunava Sinha referred to him as the cartoonist 'who drew Goa for the world and drew the world to Goa', while Nigel Britto commented: 'Miranda must be chilling with Freddie Mercury and Dev Anand in that section of Heaven reserved for legends.'

Power to the people?
The turnout at Jantar Mantar, in response to Anna Hazare's fast, was another topic of discussion. Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai asked: 'Should we shift Parliament to Jantar Mantar with Anna presiding? It sure gets MPs to debate rather than disrupt.' In Shiv Om Rana's words: 'People who go out to vote in sun and rain are at Jantar Mantar. Public angst is rising.' There was also some cynicism. Usualsatire, for instance, tweeted: 'Shutting down Parliament and debating at Jantar Mantar is like Facebooking in office the whole week and working on Sunday from home.'

He's online
Actor Dilip Kumar celebrated his 89th birthday by setting up a Twitter account @TheDilipKumar. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt tweeted: 'It will be our collective failure if we do not honour this 'last Mogul' with a Bharat Ratna.' Ken Ghosh added: 'Dilip Kumar was "discovered" when he worked as a canteen boy. Imagine that happening today in an age of star kids.'

The last word
From journalist Barkha Dutt: 'You can agree or disagree with Team Anna's bill. But you have to agree that Anna has become a lightning rod for the cynicism of the citizenry.'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online

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