Netherlands: If you blush easily, then wearing this dress may make you reveal far more than a red face. The Intimacy 2.0 dress, created by Netherlands-based Studio Roosegarde, turns transparent when the wearer is aroused.
The garment comes in an option of white cloth or black fake leather material. Tactically placed thin leather strips are embedded with electronic-foils around the bust area.

Now you see it, now you don’t: Involuntary exposure is a very real possibility with this technological designer wear. Pics/Studio Roosegaarde

Within the dress, tiny invisible sensors are able to detect changes in the wearer’s body temperature and heart rate.
As the wearer’s heart rate and temperature goes up, the e-foils change colour and transform into clear plastic.
This means that as well as arousal, emotions such as excitement, fear and anxiety may cause the wearer to expose far more than they intended.

The original version of the dress, Intimacy, was made up of nearly all e-foils meaning that the entire dress could turn invisible. However, the 2.0 version is only transparent around the bust.

Award-winning Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde calls his style of fashion ‘techno-poetry.' He said: ‘Intimacy 2.0 is a fashion project exploring the relation between intimacy and technology.' ‘Technology is used here not merely functional but also as a tool to create intimacy as well as privacy on a direct, personal level which in our contemporary tech society is becoming increasingly important.’

Currently the dress only comes in one size which is about 40 inch (101cm) long and best fits a size small or extra small.
And it’s not just a one-off. Roosegaarde fully expects his concept dress, or a version of it, to eventually be worn by the public.

‘Currently Studio Roosegaarde is selecting haute couture designers to develop the next Intimacy 3.0 fashion line for men and women,’ his website states.