Can you guess which educational institute in Mumbai is this? Clue 1: It is one of the oldest university in Maharashtra. Clue 2:  It was modelled on University of London. Still no?

It is the University of Mumbai which was then known as University of Bombay. The photo was taken in circa 1870.

The University of Mumbai was established in 1857 after a petition from the Bombay Association to the then British government of India according to 'Wood's despatch', drafted by Sir Charles Wood in 1854. It was modelled on the universities in Great Britain, specifically University of London.

The functions and powers of the university were sought to be reorganised, after India achieved independence in 1947. The Bombay University Act of 1953 was passed for this passed. The name of the University was changed from University of Bombay to University of Mumbai on September 4, 1996.