Tom Cruise wooing 'Bond Girl' Olga Kurylenko

According to a source, the 50-year-old actor has not been this serious about anyone since he first met Katie Holmes and she seems pretty keen on him too, the Sun reported.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise. Pic/Santa Banta

The insider added that that pair has been out for a couple of dinner dates and the ‘A Few Good Men’ star is already smitten with Kurylenko who speaks several languages, is funny and gorgeous.

The source further claimed that Crusie is planning to woo her by taking her on his private jet with sushi in the sky, when they embark on the press tour for the film ‘Oblivion’ and fly between New York, Dublin and Japan.

Olga Kurylenko
Olga Kurylenko. Pics/Santa Banta

The 33-year-old Ukrainian beauty shook up Hollywood when she was photographed snogging Cruise in September last year, but denied it by saying that she was just acting and the pictures were taken from a set.

Kurylenko, who is now based in London, recently admitted in an interview with V Magazine that she has learned so much from him and he is one of the most generous and energetic actors she has ever worked with.

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