Tom Hanks recorded own elbow surgery

He underwent a procedure to relieve bursitis, a build-up of fluid, in his elbow, and he decided to record the process, reports a website.

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

"My elbow is being drained," the two-time Oscar winner, lying on his stomach, said by way of setting the scene as his doctor approached with a syringe. "What does it look like?"

"Red," the doctor replied. "Red stuff," Hanks echoed. "Hey, I don't feel a thing."

The doctor then got another syringe, said Hanks in the video.

"Two syringes! How 'bout that? Double-barreled. Look at the fill-up. Look at that, baby! There you go...Yowzas (sic).

"Is it blood, or is it just bloody?" Hanks inquired. The doctor said that it was just "bloody".

"I had bursitis," Hanks explained.

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