Two robbers kill woman and daughter, one held

Oct 13, 2011, 15:00 IST | IANS

Two armed robbers Wednesday barged into the house of a trader, murdered his wife and the daughter and later critically injured a neighbour in Loni town of Ghaziabad. But one of the robbers was overpowered by neighbours, police said

Furkhan, a resident of Ramraj in Muzaffar Nagar, was handed over to police while his accomplice Khalid managed to escape, police said.

The attack took place in the afternoon at Rashid's house in Khanna Nagar colony. The robbers ransacked the house to rob the valuables and when Rashid's wife Rukhsana, 36, resisted their attempt, they slit her throat.

When her two and a half years old daughter Alisha started crying, the robbers killed her too, police said.

As the two robbers were engaged in collecting valuables, a neighbour, Sameer, 8, reached the house. When he knocked the main gate of the house, the robbers dragged him inside and attacked him.

Around the same time, Rashid's son Billal, 8, returned from the school and sensing something amiss cried for help, alarming neighbours.

As the robbers panicked and tried to escape, the neigbhbours chased them and caught one of them, police said.

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