England's taxman has sent an exhaustive list of 181 questions to some of the major football clubs of the Premier League seeking information regarding players' secrets perquisites and benefits.

The move comes as a part of an ongoing probe into the perks handed over to footballers by the English Premier League clubs.

Her Majesty Revenue & Customs has sent a list of questions to the financial directors of football clubs seeking information on every aspect of financial payment made to footballers.

Top EPL stars like Wayne Rooney, John Terry, Steven Gerrard have come under the scanner through this questionnaire, the Daily Mail reports.

'Are any payments made into trusts or sub-trusts, whether in the UK or abroad, for which employees or family members are, or are potentially, the beneficiaries' are some of the questions which have been asked through this questionnaire which throws light on the amount of details HMRC is trying to get from the football clubs.