A university bathhouse in Northwest China's Shaanxi province has been slammed for it's audacious policy allowing student lovers to shower together in private rooms.
According to China Business News, the three-storied bath centre in Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi'an city provides seven private bathrooms for student couples at a cost of 15 yuan for a shower and 18 yuan for a tub bath.
Single students are also permitted to bathe in the room, at half the price. The first and second floors are used as a public bathhouse for the majority of students.
After being tipped off by a student from the university, an employee told the newspaper that the bath centre, which is run by a private contractor, is open to students, faculty and their family. The opinion of the students varies on the rule, as some students "cannot accept this".
"I cannot accept this. Though college students are grown-ups, co-showering with lovers is a private matter and it will have a bad impact if it is allowed in the college bathhouse," Chine Daily quoted Xu, a graduate as saying. While others feel this is "not a big deal for lovers". 

"College students can get married nowadays. So having a bath together is not a big deal for lovers," another student named Zhang, said. (ANI)