Uproar! Ravindra Jadeja in trouble after posting selfie with lions

Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja may have not intended to cause any sort of trouble during his trip to Gir forest, but things may have not gone his way.

Jadeja posted photos on his instagram account of him and his wife Rivaba Solanki during a safari in Gir forest. The couple is seen posing with endangered Asiatic lions in the background.

The photographs of the couple instantly went viral on social media.

Forest officials from the wildlife sanctuary have now ordered a probe against the Indian all-rounder.

According to the rules, the visitors are not allowed to step out of their vehicles during a safari. The penalty on Ravindra Jadeja will be determined only after a thorough investigation has been carried out.



  • Shahid Shaikh19-Jun-2016

    The controversy is only being created as the lions didn't eat the cricketer. Incase Jadeja would've been eaten by the lion then there would've been no controversy and possibly we could've had a genuinely good cricketer in the indian side.

  • Deepak17-Jun-2016

    Any idiotic couple putting them in harm way. Atleast one should be smart enough !!! Wish them luck. - (USA)

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