Vasthu Shastra expert 'predicts' missing Malaysian jet will be found by Saturday

Yuvaraj Sowma, a Chennai-based astrologer and Vasthu Shastra expert, has claimed that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane will be found on or before Saturday

Kuala Lumpur: While scores of vessels and aircraft are still scouring the seas of southeast Asia for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, a Vasthu Shastra expert has claimed the aircraft will be found on or before Saturday.

Yuvaraj Sowma, a Chennai-based astrologer and Vasthu Shastra expert, told the Malaysian Star Wednesday that he was making the prediction based on the current alignment of the planets, the sun and stars.

According to Sowma, a seventh generation astrologer, the aircraft went missing on an inauspicious day - Saturday - which was an Ashtami, the eighth day of the Hindu lunar calendar.

This picture taken aboard a Vietnam Air Force helicopter shows a crew member during a search operation for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 plane over the U Minh jungle in southern province of Ca Mau on Thursday. Pic/AFP

“Based on scriptures, days are numbered according to the state of the moon and the eighth day after the new moon is regarded as unfavourable,” the report quoted him as saying.

“All the energy and efforts put in by people in the search for the aircraft will see some success starting tomorrow (Thursday). Thursday is governed by the planet Jupiter, which gives out positive vibrations and is the best day in the week,” he said.

Sowma said in India people often refer to their astrology reading to pick an auspicious period based on their moon sign to determine their travel date, and not on their gut feelings.

He was also of the view that that an individual’s horoscope became inapplicable once he or she was not in touch with earth energy or off the ground.

He called for global prayers in all faiths to enhance the chances of finding the aircraft.



  • Aamir16-Mar-2014

    Bunch of jokers....

  • os17-Mar-2014

    Tar and feather the man making the false predictions!

  • Candyman17-Mar-2014

    Well now that it's Monday morning we can safely say that his beliefs are a waste of time

  • NMOHAN22-Mar-2014

    Prediction by this person based on vastu shastra has failed; people who had little belief in this shastra NOW will loose total faith. one more saturday has come and still no trace of the plane. But still a ray of hope exists and We all over the world pray for safety of all the 239 passengers,May be the plane has landed in a remote island and the shutting of the plane systems is only to ensure that it is not tracked as signals will become dead after 30 days. I am confident DRONE will track it

  • surya17-Mar-2014

    time for him to quit his fake professional job, grow up astrologer

  • sushma20-Mar-2014

    Yes vastu shastra is 100% correct because they have seen something like the plane and 24 m wing probably. I believe in that and had faith read last nite told people and now my friends ringing saying he was correct. That astrologer is correct please believe in him other people were saying it will never be found. Thanks sushma sydney.

  • a15-Mar-2014

    Saturday's come and gone. And no plane. What a crock.

  • Rohit17-Mar-2014

    Hahaha.. The Vastu Shastra can go to hell...Astrology should be banned. These illeterate fakesters are openly duping people. Astrologers should be booked as thugs

  • Allophone 19-Mar-2014

    I am an astrologer, and have been studying the science of astrology for many years, it's far from a joke my friends

  • Sabra19-Mar-2014

    So how's Saturdays great discovery working out for ya ? Ohh that's right, still no plane or better information. I believe your telescope is off by a few degrees Yuvaraj. !!!

  • manju20-Mar-2014

    The plane may be in some warship....for the use of bacteriological attack in some place.....

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