Vincent Kompany wants to win five trophies on trot

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany has said he wouldn't be satisfied if his team won only the English Premier League title as he wants to win five titles in a row.

He said winning four or five trophies in succession would truly justify his team's true potential.

"With the potential we have at this club, I'd like to see us winning four or five titles in succession. I can't take satisfaction out of winning only the one title," The Sun quoted Kompany, as telling ManC magazine.

Kompany said winning the Premier League title is their main aim for now but that doesn't mean it will mark an end to their aspirations.

"Coming out on top at the end of the season is what matters but for this club that's not the end of the road -- it's just the beginning. He believes his team will get more mature as the time progresses and they will most probably show next year if they can compete at the level of Champions League or not."

"This team still has much more to give as we mature together. That's probably going to show more next year if we can compete in the Champions League," he said.

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