Bizarre video: Woman breastfeeds piglet on live television

Feb 10, 2017, 06:00 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Watch video: Woman breastfeeds piglet live on televisionScreengrab from the video

A reporter was left speechless after an interviewee began breastfeeding a pig live on television.

The journalist was asking locals in Lima, Peru, how their business had been affected by floods. One woman, a farmer who sold pigs, was explaining how her animals have been evacuated from their fields.

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To everyone's surprise, the woman lifts her shirt and raises the piglet to her right nipple and suddenly starts to feed it.

Watch video: Woman breastfeeds piglet live on televisionScreengrab of the video

The cameraman appears to be a little shy and as soon as she takes her breast and pans away the camera. While some locals are seen looking at her in bewilderment while others in funny disbelief.

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It isn't known why the woman made the decision to feed the pig from her own breasts but some have speculated she was making a point about how the extreme weather had affected food production.

Watch video here

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