Walk explores art galleries in and around Kala Ghoda

 Art from across the country finds takers in Mumbai, and a platform in the galleries of the city. However, busy uninitiated city dwellers do not always have the time to explore the galleries on their own. They might tend to gloss over these architecturally diverse and century-old structures around Kala Ghoda with an unquenched curiosity.

Local artists sell their creations outside Jehangir Art Gallery (also top right)
Local artists sell their creations outside Jehangir Art Gallery (also top right)

Seek Sherpa’s walk, A Brush with the Art Galleries of South Mumbai is a chance for such folk to be introduced to the galleries with guide and raconteur Reeti Roy. Roy, an art and history enthusiast, was fascinated by Kala Ghoda, which is dotted with buildings of architectural marvel, and began to explore the place. That is how she hit upon the idea of organising a walk for enthusiasts and closet art lovers.

Delhi Art gallery. Pic/Dutta Kumbhar
Delhi Art gallery. Pic/Dutta Kumbhar 

Akash Ahuja, business development associate, Seek Sherpa, says, "If one wants to know the art scene of Mumbai, the art district around Kala Ghoda is very important to know. But not everybody is acquainted with the places and the galleries, so we decided to start this walk."

Participants from an earlier walk
Participants from an earlier walk 

The walk starts at the Town Hall that houses the Asiatic Library. "We see it from outside. We do not enter the building; however, with a daily membership fee of R 100, one can enter. It is one of the best examples of British architecture in India, and hence is the best place to start the walk, he reasons.

Delhi Art Gallery

After Asiatic Society, they will head to Jehangir Art Gallery at Kala Ghoda to see two exhibitions and engage with emerging artists. "During this interaction, they will be able to gauge the inspirations and ways in which these young artists hone their craft," he says, adding, "To be able to give attention to and engage with everyone individually in such interactions, Reeti insists that only a maximum of ten people take part in a walk."

The Asiatic Society of MumbaiThe Asiatic Society of Mumbai

The team will also interact with local artists outside Jehangir Art Gallery, who sell their creations on the sidewalk. The group will next move to the Delhi Art Gallery, where they will meet established artists.

The team will also visit the Kenneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue (the Blue Synagogue) and learn about the history of the Jewish community in Mumbai.

The Keneseth Eliyahoo synagogue
The Keneseth Eliyahoo synagogue 

"We then head for National Gallery of Modern Art. This gallery features some of the best photography and videography in the country. The entry there is, however, subject to an exhibition being on," Ahuja signs off.

Inside National Gallery of Modern Art. Pic/Atul Kamble

ON: July 23 and 24, 4 PM

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