Web review: TVF Inmates will strike a chord with audiences

Oct 25, 2017, 08:28 IST | Mohar Basu

When the pilot of the popular American sitcom, Friends, aired in 1994, Variety Magazine stated that the concept was 'OK' and the humour, 'less sophisticated'. The adulation that the show received over the following two decades eventually proved that certain shows attempt to soothe the soul, not critics. To say that TVF's latest offering, Inmates, will achieve the cult status would be a long shot. But, even a comparison drawn to the sitcom is testimony that the show certainly strikes a chord.

Inmates, written by Raghav Raj Kakker and Kashyap Kapoor, revolves around a bunch of friends who aptly represent the current generation. It mirrors the struggles, troubles and dilemmas they face, as Kapoor and Kakker whip up palpable characters. We're introduced to a struggling actor (Rahul), an expletive-mouthing casting agent (Richa), an oddball corporate slave desperate to get laid (Madhav) and a rich lad (Fooga), in search of his dad. They seem like ordinary folks, but their stories thrive because they are relatable.

The first two episodes are packed with rib-tickling moments. A sequence that sees Madhav stuck in a lift with a woman, while his friend rants about his poor sex life over the phone, particularly stands out. The dialogues are the show's biggest asset. They're sassy and brimming with energy. When the world is obsessed with Game Of Thrones, it's good to witness a rich-in-content show from home.

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