What to gift your lady love on Valentine's Day

Feb 11, 2017, 16:00 IST | mid-day online correspondent

 Know your girl's choice before buying Valentine's Day gifts

The thought of Valentine’s Day gifts make all love birds scratch their heads. Flowers, chocolates, teddies, heart shaped pillows, what exactly to purchase for her. Years have passed and we all are grown up adults, but the idea of Valentine’s Day is still the same. Not to mention here that gifting flowers, teddies, heart shaped cushions and chocolates have become passe. Today’s generation is focused more on gifting branded perfumes, swanky handbags, movie tickets or gift cards from branded stores. If you are a 'tall young handsome' gentleman caught in a Valentine's -Day gift dilemma, then here is a list of some exclusive gifts that you plan buy for your lady love on this Valentine’s Day.

1. Take her for a shopping date: Girls are big time shopaholics and probably there is no day in a year when she will deny to go for shopping. You may hate walking from one end of teh shopping mall to another with her, but Valentine’s Day is a special eve after all.  Enlighten her love for shopping on Valentine’s Day. Gift her a gorgeous dress, a swanky handbag, a fruity scented perfume or a silver jewellery. If your lady love is brand conscious, then gift her a shopping voucher from her favourite brand or store. She would love to shop with that special gift.

 Know your girl's choice before buying Valentine's Day gifts

2. Gift her a romantic spa session: Gift a romantic spa session: Girls at time are finicky about their crockery and kitchenware. However, Valentine’s Day is all about love so gifts like frying pans and hand blenders can be kept aside for some other occasions. Why not show some care and affection and gift her something romantic that she can least expect? A spa session voucher can do wonder to your gifting idea. Make her feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and pampered at a good spa outlet on this Valentine’s Day. The session can turn more romantic if you also join your lady love. Couple Spa brings lots of spark to a relationship!

3. Make her happy with an opera ticket: To go for an opera show, you do not need to take permission for leaves from their bosses.  So, if you are planning for a short trip to your favourite destination but are tied between office and work, then head for a romantic evening at an opera house. Enjoy the moments of togetherness and make the evening more special. She will surely enjoy watching the show with you

 Know your girl's choice before buying Valentine's Day gifts

4. Do not give gifts that make her feel uncomfortable: You may be longing to see your beloved in a cocktail dress with a plunging neckline on V-Day. While she may accept the gift, do not expect her to wear it and go out with you on the same day. Unless she is comfortable to dress up for you, do not force her or make her feel awful for not wearing your 'special gift' on this romantic occasion. She might surprise you with the beautiful dress on some other occasions.

 Know your girl's choice before buying Valentine's Day gifts

5. Bake a cake or her favourite dish: Almost every girl loves chocolates and are foodies by heart. However, instead of buying her chocolates or taking her to a restaurant, make her test your culinary skills. Bake a cake for her or surprise her by preparing her favourite dish. Do not be scared of the taste, because ‘everything is fair in love and war’.

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