When KJo's shoot stopped a funeral procession

While shooting at Bandra station on Sunday for his short film celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema, Karan Johar got a taste of mob fury. As soon as word spread that the filmmaker was in their midst along with Rani Mukerji and Randeep Hooda, a huge crowd started gathering resulting in the cops being called to get the situation in control.

Karan Johar

Says a source, “While shooting the director didn’t realise that his unit was blocking the road to the cemetery nearby. A funeral procession was on its way and they were made to wait as a shot was being taken. The unit hands and the people in the procession indulged in verbal volleys.

The procession folk then decided to take things into their own hands by first rounding up the production people and then Karan. It took the cops about two hours to quell the situation.”

Says Karan, “Two groups in the crowd got into a scuffle. Things got ugly. However at the end of the day, we came up trumps. It was unfortunate but we managed to save the day.” 

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