Whether it is me or Ravi or any other, we all want the team to do well: Kumble

Jun 30, 2016, 08:22 IST | Satish Viswanathan

Bangalore: The Ravi Shastri-Sourav Ganguly fiasco is on with Anil Kumble unwittingly in the middle of it. Typical of the man, he didn't quietly sidestep the issue, something he would have within his rights to do, as it wasn't in any way his battle to fight or even discuss.

Anil Kumble
Anil Kumble

The questioner who raised the issue, in fact, had wondered aloud if Kumble would bother to comment, perhaps innocently ensuring a response from a man who isn't known to take a step. "I was the first one to call Ravi after I was chosen as head coach," was a soft beginning. "He did a wonderful job with the Indian team but it is not about Anil or Ravi, it is not about the head coach. It is about the players, it is about the team," said Kumble.

'Want the Indian team to do well'
"From my point of view, whether it is me or Ravi or any Indian, we all want the Indian team to do well. We all want the Indian team to perform at its best. We all believe that there is potential for the Indian team to be the best in all three formats," added Kumble.

Getting back to Shastri, Kumble said: "He congratulated me. I told him its a fantastic team, a young team that we have. It could be someone else tomorrow. I'm not permanent in this role. I have an opportunity to make a difference. I have an opportunity to be part of the journey and if I can be part of the journey where we see Indian cricket rise to where we all want it to, then I think it's wonderful. I feel privileged, like I already mentioned and an honour again to be a part of the team."

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